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Events in 2017
  • [24/Jul/2017]
    I Can Fly Program, Cathay Pacific
    Cathay Pacific Airways Manila held its third I Can Fly Program on July 24-29, 2017. As in past years, PCCCI coordinated with and volunteered to help i.. more
  • [09/Jun/2017]
    The Start of a School Year in FPTI-ERDA Tech
    Ms. Elena Ongkiko-Santos of PCCCI visited FPTI-ERDA Tech to hand over financial support for its old and new scholars... more
Members' Corner
  • [15/Aug/2017]
    Letters from Our UPHSI Scholars
    It is so heartwarming to receive letters from our scholars in Iloilo, whom we are unable to easily visit. At the start of a new school year, they wrot.. more
  • [11/May/2017]
    UPIS Update
    PCCCI caught up with its UPIS scholars to get their take on the new program and curriculum... more
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Events in 2016

Donations for Indigents in Malaybalay, Bukidnon


PCCCI found an opportunity to be a blessing to some indigent members of society when a group of PCCCI members went on a spiritual retreat in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. While speaking to the Benedictine nuns there, the plight of the poor neighborhood became apparent. Vicky MariƱas, a PCCCI officer, routed a request to the foundation for help. P10,000 was earmarked for the donation, and the cash money was used to buy rice and other food items for the poor in the community. Medicine was also brought all the way from Manila and handed over to the nuns for their community outreach. It was a case of finding ways to be of service even when one wasn't looking! The beneficiaries were surprised and grateful at the unexpected support, and PCCCI members were once again blessed beyond what was given!