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  • [24/Jul/2017]
    I Can Fly Program, Cathay Pacific
    Cathay Pacific Airways Manila held its third I Can Fly Program on July 24-29, 2017. As in past years, PCCCI coordinated with and volunteered to help i.. more
  • [09/Jun/2017]
    The Start of a School Year in FPTI-ERDA Tech
    Ms. Elena Ongkiko-Santos of PCCCI visited FPTI-ERDA Tech to hand over financial support for its old and new scholars... more
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  • [15/Aug/2017]
    Letters from Our UPHSI Scholars
    It is so heartwarming to receive letters from our scholars in Iloilo, whom we are unable to easily visit. At the start of a new school year, they wrot.. more
  • [11/May/2017]
    UPIS Update
    PCCCI caught up with its UPIS scholars to get their take on the new program and curriculum... more
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In 2014, Malala Yousafzai, a 17-year old Pakistani girl, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism promoting children's rights, specifically to education. She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, and one of only 15 women to receive this award.

For several years now Malala has been fighting for the rights of girls to education in Pakistan despite the Taliban's mandate that girls stay out of school. First as a blogger for BBC and later on the subject of a New York Times documentary, where she got to tell her struggles as a student in Pakistan, she even got shot in the head by a Taliban fighter on her way to school. And yet she continues to fight for the rights of girls especially to education.

In their press release confirming the awards, the Nobel Committee writes: Children must go to school and not be financially exploited. In the poor countries of the world, 60% of the present population is under 25 years of age. It is a pre-requisite for peaceful global development that the rights of children and young people be respected.

The PCCCI fully supports the beliefs of Malala and others like her who are finding ways to get children to finish education. Education shapes the life opportunities of individuals and the well-being of societies. Social, economic and political equality all require that marginalized and disadvantaged people have access to high-quality education.

PCCCI is committed to continuing its efforts at helping those who have the desire and ambition to succeed. Partnering with secondary schools offering scholarships to deserving students, we provide these students with financial support for their personal daily and school needs to ensure they are able to remain in school and finish on time.

In partnership with the public and private sectors as well as donor communities, PCCCI has lined up different ways to support education like rehabilitating and constructing classrooms, providing books, supplies, school desks and chairs, granting scholarship support and educational assistance, and offering school-based feeding projects.

As Malala Yousafzai says in a speech she gave at the United Nations, "We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back." PCCCI is determined to help the other half succeed.


UPIS Diliman Scholars


Grade 11, Business Track Ashley aspires to be a businesswoman one day, opening her own cafe. This student may be shy with other people, but she can be loud and crazy with her friends, and likes to sing and write stories. She values having been accepted at UPIS, and uses the support PCCCI gives for her projects, activities, and tuition at school.


Grade 11, Social Sciences and Humanities Track Meynard prides himself on being able to stand on his own, and not needing much in life. He is athletic, likes drawing, working on the computer, and analyzing and problem solving. Meynard hopes to become a voice actor or artist someday.



Grade 12, Applied Science Track Alliah's greatest achievement so far was finishing Best in Math in 10th Grade. An aspiring civil engineer, she helps her mother financially by selling ice scramble and palaspas when her studies permit. The support of PCCCI helps her with her educational needs. Counting singing as one of her talents, she also plays the guitar and speaks basic Mandarin. Alliah wants to continue learning new things and discovering more about the world, and believes God will guide her in her journey in life.



Grade 12, Humanities Track Franchette is proud to be studying at UPIS, and that she writes for the school's on-line newsletter. With a talent for singing, acting, speech delivery and writing, she dreams of taking up Journalism, and even to go into law. Franchette wants people to know that she is striving to fulfill her dreams, that she is determined to have a successful future ahead of her, and for others to witness her talents and skills through her hard work!


Grade 12, Business Track PCCCI's support helps Lemuel, with his transportation fares daily. Despite the many difficulties in his life, he is enduring, able to learn from his circumstances and move forward. Lemuel engages in boxing and arnis, and likes reading and exploring. He dreams of taking up Entrepreneurship in order to set up his own transportation business one day.


Grade 12, Business Track Ken is proud that through the PCCCI scholarship he is able to provide for his daily school needs. Being the only one in his family not living with his parents, he has learned to be independent, and does some selling on the side to augment his allowance and help his family. Ken is sporty and has acted in some films, but what he dreams of is to be an electrical engineer someday.


Grade 12, Business Track James is a member of the Track and Field Team of UPIS, and won 3rd place overall in last year's races. He is proud that he is sporty even if he is big. A self-confessed happy person, despite the challenges he faces, he likes making people happy. PCCCI motivates him to do better in his studies aside from the financial aid they give him. He works in his aunt's business, and in this way helps his family financially. He dreams of opening his own gym in the future, completely in line with his National Career Assessment Exams results, showing strength in sports science.


UPHS Iloilo Scholars

Nick Joenard

Grade 10 Nick’s mother’s work at DSWD may influence his dream of taking up Public Health after finishing high school. He wants to go on to medicine after this in his hopes of becoming a doctor. A simple, humble, patient person who likes playing basketball, he is very proud of being in UPHSI, and is thankful for the financial help of PCCCI which is a great help in his study needs.


Grade 10 Being a PCCCI scholar motivates Kissandra to study hard and strive to fulfil her dreams, and to have a successful life ahead. Her dreams include taking up Architecture or an arts related course, as she enjoys doing artsy things such as calligraphy. She likes playing volleyball, and also has an interest in Psychology. PCCCI’s support provides for Kissandra ’s daily needs and educational expenses for her school projects and activities.



Grade 10 Jamina is grateful at having reached Grade 10 in UPHSI, because she knows students who dreamt of finishing high school there but didn't because they didn’t reach the grade requirements. She says she is a simple person blessed with a loving family whom she wants to help after all the things they have done for her to have a bright future. Her goals in life include being successful in her chosen career someday. Jamina dreams of being a chef, opening a business, or taking a job that would enable her to travel, but the importance of staying in touch with family tempers her wanderlust. This high school student who likes to sing and used to play the lyre in grade school, says that PCCCI has helped her a lot especially in her financial needs. "Sometimes, when we would have a lot of expenses at school, and my parents can't shoulder all my expenses, I would get some money from my allowance and use it to buy my needs at school.”



Grade 10 Having dreamt of being a chemical engineer even as a child, Ziedell wants to use his talents, skills and abilities towards a career in this field. As a loyal iskolar ng bayan, he wants to continue his university studies in UP. Ziedell likes figuring out how things work, and is able to fix and improve machines and objects. His analytical mind discerns patterns and functions quickly. He is also musically inclined, having a good ear for music, a fine singing voice, and a talent for playing the guitar. But what Ziedell wants people to know about him is that he is kind, God-fearing, family-cantered, knowledge driven, curious, observant, and friendly. He says PCCCI helps lighten the load on his family’s finances because part of his school expenses, needs, daily allowances, and school money contributions are taken from the financial support of PCCCI. He is also inspired to do his best since he knows someone cares, and supports him so that he could do better in his studies.

Rene Andre

Grade 10 Rene Andre wants to take up Applied Math or Computer Programming after high school, and wants to teach one day. While he is skilled in the subject areas of Math, Science and Computer (including programming), he is also proficient in creative writing and public speaking. Rene Andre is proud of having achieved a general weighted average of 90 in the last academic school year. He says PCCCI’s support helps with the required expenses in school.

Princess Anne

Grade 10 Friendly and optimistic Princess Anne likes to draw and cook, and is proudest to date of having survived 3 years in UPHSI. She dreams of becoming an architect one day. Princess Anne says that aside from financial support, PCCCI helps her mentally as she is motivated to do her best in class.

Andrew Agassi

Grade 10 Andrew is proud of being an iskolar ng bayan at UP, and wants people to know that their taxes will never be put to waste on students like him. He feels he is not very good in leadership, but has a talent for surviving UPHSI, very ably learning and understanding new things. He is thankful and feels lucky to also be a PCCCI scholar. The support of PCCCI allows him to focus on his studies rather than stressing on where to find money for important projects and miscellaneous expenses in school. Even as Andrew helps his mother run the store she works in now, he wants to help his family when he starts working as a teacher, or even if possible, as a doctor!

Neil Francis

Grade 10 Neil Francis adapts easily to challenging situations, such as studying in and tackling the difficult lessons in UPHSI. This proud iskolar ng bayan plans to take a fisheries course in college, and become a scientist. He is also considering entering the military to both serve his country and help his family, and so pay back the UP scholarship he has. Grateful for the support PCCCI gives him which he uses to pay for project materials at school, he is able to focus on his studies and work toward his dreams.


FPTI-ERDA Tech Scholars


We are privileged to be a conduit for generous benefactors to sponsor deserving students in ERDA Tech, which is a vocational Senior High school in Manila. Its students are trained to be food handlers, auto mechanics, and electricians, ready to be employed right after high school. At present we have 25 scholars at ERDA Tech. Please read about some of them in the Articles Section, Kindness at 37,000 Feet Above Sea Level, and be inspired. You will be introduced to the scholars through the letters they have written.


Grade 11, Food Trades Dhavie is a happy and friendly student who loves to dance and play the guitar, and in fact is very proud of having participated in Band Fest. So it's no surprise that she wants to become a dance instructor someday. Another dream is to become a chef, and to this end she wants to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management in college. The baking skills she is learning in school has further developed her enthusiasm for this field. Dhavie, who helps her mother in their mini store, is inspired to study harder due to PCCCI's support.


Grade 11, Food Trades The oldest of 5 children, Ivann has made pastillas candies to sell to add to his mother's income to support their family. The scholarship through PCCCI has inspired and allowed him to focus on his studies and get better grades. This simple student, who writes poems, draws, dances and sings, has big dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day, and he doesn't intend to let his dreams remain dreams.


Grade 11, Machining Oliver dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer one day. Thus, being able to weld now is a stepping stone to him toward this dream. The youngest of 5 children, he now lives with and is supported by his sister. PCCCI's support helps him remain in school, where he tries to prove himself and continues to do better.


Grade 11, Machining Trust-worthy and polite Rodrine takes pride in having graduated from elementary with honors, and strives to reap more honors before graduating from Senior High. She dreams of taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management or Architecture. Rodrine is grateful to PCCCI's support that allows her to study at ERDA, where she has learned even now to weld well. This Grade 11 student who also likes to act onstage gets encouraged by PCCCI to study hard for her future.


Grade 11, Electrical Cybrell is proud to be studying in ERDA, believing that the school helps him in all aspects. This 11th grader wants to become a pilot someday, and toward that goal he wants to take up Engineering in college. Cybrell likes playing basketball in his free time. PCCCI has helped him remain in ERDA with their financial support and school supplies they provide.


Grade 11, Food Trades Creative Geoliene likes to sing, dance, act and draw. A talk at school by a visiting soldier has inspired her to enter the Philippine Military Academy to become a military officer as a service to her country after high school. She is willing to work hard and give her best at anything she does in order to succeed and prove herself, and is proud to be studying in ERDA. Optimistic and adventurous, during vacations Geoliene used to go with her father to work to sells candies and snacks. PCCCI's support inspires her to continue giving her best in all she does to achieve her goals.


Grade 11, Food Trades Anna believes that being independent is one of the character traits a person must have, and she is proud that due to Scouting training she knows how to live alone. She dreams of becoming a business woman one day, and hopes that to this end she can take up Accountancy or Business Administration after high school. Anna, who likes writing stories and essays in her spare time, wants people to know that she is competent and doesn't give up easily. To this end PCCCI's support helps her in her studies at ERDA.


Grade 11, Food Trades Juzzel wants to be a chef someday, and her training at ERDA Tech is helping her even now. However, she is also considering taking up Mass Communications, majoring in Broadcasting, if the opportunity should arise. She is proud to be studying at ERDA Tech, and that she is able to maintain her grades throughout high school. She and her family are grateful that PCCCI is helping her achieve her goals of graduating. This friendly and approachable 11th grader also wants to be a great photographer someday!


Grade 11, Automotive Jerica, who likes to draw and sing in her spare time, is proud that she has been able to maintain and even improve her grades, not ever having to take summer classes. She wants people to know that she works hard and is willing to pursue her dreams of taking BS Biology in college in order to teach or even become a doctor. Becoming an automotive professional is an alternative dream. PCCCI has served as an inspiration, through their support and work, to continue studying well.


Grade 11, Machining Taking pride in studying at ERDA Tech due to the many skills he learns here, Rome believes he has achieved much because of the school. He values these skills, such as technical drawing or AutoCad, which brings him closer to his dream of becoming an architect or engineer, specializing in big machines and advanced technology, one day. Rome wants people to know that he is a happy person, productive and giving importance to time. PCCCI has helped him by providing his basic needs in school.

Jan Lloyd

Grade 11, Machining Jan Lloyd likes to play chess and basketball, and also likes swimming and biking. He is proud that he has been able to maintain an A in most subjects, though he wants people to know that he is not always serious, as some might think. Jan Lloyd dreams of becoming an engineer, and is specially interested in computer engineering. Their lessons in autocad or computer design nurture this interest. But an abiding curiosity in how the mind works means he is also interested in becoming a psychologist someday. As a scholar of PCCCI, he is able to study in ERDA Tech and work toward his future.


Grade 11, Food Trades PCCCI inspires Abegail in her studies, and to pursue an education. She is proud of being able to go through all her struggles and continue to study in ERDA, maintaining good grades and not having to do summer classes. This friendly aspiring chef who loves to sing is certain she can do great things she can be proud of. She dreams of taking up Tourism, wanting both to become a flight attendant and to work overseas. That or pursuing further Culinary Arts studies is what inspires Abegail to continue studying hard.


Grade 11, Electrical A member of ERDA Tech's Chorale, Jenny likes to sing and mingle with other people. Proud of being able to do electrical installations at her age, she dreams of becoming an architect or interior designer one day. A desire to help people also fuels an interest in becoming a doctor. She is grateful for PCCCI's support which provides for her school needs, allowing her parents to keep up with the cost of bringing up her 4 younger siblings.


Grade 11, Automotive Aubrey, an only child, helped raise money for his mother's transportation fare to Dubai, where she worked for a while, by joining a drawing contest. Liked by everyone in school, this 11th grader is so good at chess that he became the chess champion of ERDA last year. He dreams of being a seaman one day. PCCCI supports his dreams by providing him with his school needs.


Grade 11, Electrical This former editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper of his last school is also a subject excellence awardee and honorable mention student in academics. While he enjoys singing, writing poems and articles, and reading books, his dream is to be an architect one day. Xian says he is a dedicated person who doesn't lose focus easily, eagerly working to achieve his dreams. PCCCI supports him through financial aid in his expenses and allowances in school.


Grade 11, Machining 11th grader Alexis is proud to be studying in ERDA Tech, and draws inspiration from the help and support PCCCI gives him. For his research paper this year, Alexis is studying the importance of personal branding in applying for a job. This adorably weird nice guy (in his words) who speaks 3 languages dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer one day.


Grade 11, Automotive Hard-working Mikaela wants to be an automotive engineer one day, and own her own shop. A keen interest in drawing also makes her dream of taking Multi Media Arts. She values being able to finish high school to make her parents proud of her. PCCCI has helped her not only financially, but also to be a better student. Mikaela is also fond of singing, and hopes to travel the world one day.


Grade 11, Electrical Daena, who lives with her mother, dreams of taking up Tourism and becoming a flight attendant one day. Having graduated with top honors from elementary, this hard-working 11th grader intends to pursue her dreams and goals, despite not being rich. PCCCI helps her with her tuition and school needs. Daena likes to cook, play the guitar, sing, and play volleyball when not studying.


Grade 11, Automotive Loubert gets his motivation to study even harder from the help and support PCCCI gives him. He says while he is a simple guy, he makes sure he fulfills his responsibilities well. He is proudest of making his parents happy by studying conscientiously. A good basketball player and handy man, he hopes to become an automotive mechanic one day.He may also enter the Philippine National Police Academy, and follow in his brother's footsteps.


Grade 11, Automotive Kruza prioritizes her family above all. She likes to sing and dance, and is happy to to be a technician one day. Outgoing and sociable, she also dreams of taking up Tourism and becoming a flight attendant, to travel and interact with people from all walks of life. She is proud of being a scholar of PCCCI, not only for the financial aid but also because it helps her continue her studies and become a better person.


Grade 11, Machining Rhei is a basketball player, actor and public speaker in school. This hard-working 11th grader is proudest of getting an A in Math, and wants to become a mechanical engineer one day.

Lorrie Mae

Grade 11, Automotive Lorrie Mae has garnered a subject excellence award in school, and no wonder, as she hopes to take up Education and be a teacher one day. She believes she is a humble, committed and reliable student, who also likes to sing and cook. Lorrie Mae is grateful for the PCCCI support which helps her family save money on education, and allocate more for their daily expenses.


Grade 11, Electrical While Joangelyn enjoys singing and drawing, her dream is to be an engineer or architect one day. This middle child is proud that she is improving her grades, and wants people to know that she doesn't give up easily when encountering problems. She is a responsible student and daughter, and thanks PCCCI for helping her financially and for the school supplies which means so much to ease the burden on her family.


Grade 12, Electrical Sonnie wants to become a structural engineer one day. He likes drawing plans, and ERDA Tech allows him to work toward his dream. Sonnie took a job as an apprentice electrician last summer. However, inspiration from an excellent teacher has made him dream of being a Biology teacher instead, passing on to other young people an interest in Science. He wants to become even better than he is now, and PCCCI helps him through giving financial support and his school needs.


Grade 12, Electrical Marco, the oldest of 5 siblings, is proud to be finishing his senior high school. He dreams of becoming an engineer or architect someday, and wants the opportunity to prove his worth.